Temperatures are rising in Fethiye, a sure sign that summer has arrived. The town’s harbourside fountains are a great place to relax and literally chill out. Not only are they beautiful to look at, the moving water create a kind of natural air conditioning too.

Cool pools and fresh fountains

Last weekend the temperature in Fethiye shot up to 38 degrees. Although the heat hike was no surprise, this was nevertheless a bit of a shock to the system. Heading off to the mountains or the beach to cool down, even if you’re on holiday, is not always an option. Furthermore, staying indoors when the sun is shining seems like admitting defeat.

Fethiye’s fountains: nature’s air conditioning
As a result it is good news that the fountains in the town centre provide the perfect spot to relax, take in the views, people watch and cool down, all at the same time.

Art, science and religion

Fountains and running water cooled spaces long before electrical cooling systems and air conditioning came along. Together with shade, the active water evaporates producing a cooling effect on the surrounding air. The hotter the climate and the more active the fountain the more evaporation occurs and the cooler the surrounding air becomes.

This is especially the case in Middle Eastern countries and Turkey. Historically, fountains have been used since ancient times and for more than a millennia have been important aspect of the region’s architecture. In Islamic architecture water, as ponds and fountains have a special significance. “In the Quran,” Culture Trip website explains: “it says ‘every living thing is made of water,’ and the prominence of this thought is visible in Islam’s use of water. The role played by water in Islamic architecture is as symbolic as it is practical. Water is not only used in a purely utilitarian manner: after all, it is the source of life and thus carries an important symbol – not only for Islam, but also for many cultures that associate it with life, purification and sustainability.”

Relaxing ambience

Fethiye’s natural air conditioning – the fountains on the harbour from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

Also, the sound of running water creates a relaxing atmosphere. So, when you feel overheated physically or mentally take a moment to cool down by Fethiye’s beautiful fountains.

Fethiye’s fountains: nature’s air conditioningFor more information about the importance of fountains and water in Islam click here