On Saturday 22nd August, Fethiye hosted Su Voices, a group of incredibly talented professional singers and dancers from Antalya State Opera and Ballet. The town also welcomed back its very own FETAV Children’s Choir, a choir of local schoolchildren, who are fast developing a reputation for some pretty remarkable singing of their own.

The stage is set…

The air was pleasant, balmy and not too hot and from time to time a gentle breeze blew onshore…

To the left of the stage a half moon appeared, suspended in the clear night sky; the shadowy silhouettes of Mendos and Babdağ provided a theatrical backdrop for the twinkling nights of Fethiye town.

To the right of the stage were the boats of the Fishermen’s Wharf gently rocked in the dark Mediterranean waters…

Lights, music, action…

FETAV Summer Gala 10

Right from the beginning everything was well organised to the obvious appreciation of the sizable audience and then only a little late… the stage was suddenly full of light, colour and the most amazing sound.

FETAV Summer Gala 7

FETAV SUmmer Gala 8

The performance was a spectacular success from start to finish, as was the organisation and infrastructure of the event. We thought some of the best ideas included the refreshments trolly and the dreaded white chairs being linked together; too often in the past people in the audience have dragged them into random groups, wrecking the view for others.

FETAV SUmmer Gala 5

Bravo FETAV! Bravo Su Voices! Bravo FETAV Children’s Choir!

FETAV Summer Gala 6

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the evening was a piece de resistance for the FETAV organisers and their supporting team of helpers.

FETAV SUmmer Gala 4

At FT we can only hope that concerts at this location become a regular event throughout the summer.

FETAV Summer Gala 2

So many favourites

There was something for everyone: popular Turkish Classics, some of the best from musicals and several incredible operatic arias. It’s difficult to say what was our favourite – we enjoyed them all.

But we were bowled over by Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, La Fortuna!

FETAV Summer Gala: Su Voices and FETAV Children’s Choir – Finale: La Fortuna, Carmina Burana – Carl Orff from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

However, we also have to say that the performance of everyone’s all time favourite from The Sound of Music really was something special, especially when everyone joined in.
The children may have sang in Turkish but many in the audience stuck with the words they knew from their own childhoods. Here is a tiny taster.

FETAV Summer Gala: A Turkish version of the Sound of Music favourite – Do, ra, mi. sung by FETAV Children’s Choir from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

Many thanks

We would like to thank Maria O’Hare for the videos and FETAV for permission to use the photos.

We understand there will be a full video of the evening released but have no more information at the moment. Watch this space for more details.

FETAV Summer Gala 11

Su Voices, Esra Arslantürk, Mustafa Şıkman and FETAV Chorus on stage in Fethiye receiving a standing ovation from the audience.
Su Voices, Esra Arslantürk, Mustafa Şıkman and FETAV Chorus on stage in Fethiye receiving a thoroughly standing ovation from the audience.