Hi darlings! It’s me Vanessa Black and I’m back with my take on life in Fethiye.

Well, summer is definitely on the way. I was beginning to wonder. This is the time of year when I begin to feel truly alive. I’ve always attributed that alive feeling to something very deep and mysterious in our innermost beings. Or maybe it’s something in the air. Have you noticed it too? I do hope so.

Anyway, it’s tata to the winter and hello to the summer wardrobe.

It’s a great excuse (do I actually need an excuse?) for a spot of shopping and these days there’s a lot more choice in Fethiye than there used to be. And some wonderful natural fabrics like silk and cotton too. So important as the weather gets warmer.

I met a man not so long ago who said think global, shop local. I’m doing my bit. Hope you are too.

Speaking of doing one’s bit for the community, one of these days I must do mine.

Fethiye has a whole bunch of thrift shops, charities selling loved clothes, and using the money they raise to help cats, dogs and even children. And they’re always so thrilled by my generosity, bless them.

Every now and then I bump into somebody wearing one of my creations – It’s such a giggle. Don’t worry I never give the game away.

Pampered and plucked

OK, I know, keep your eyes on the road and all that, but there’s so much to look at.

Driving past Goldfinger salon in Hisaronu the other day I couldn’t help noticing they’ve got a row of all-singing-all-dancing massaging thrones.

What don’t they do I thought and being able to resist (nearly) everything apart from temptation, I thought I’d find out.

I’m thrilled to say I spent a happy few hours reclining in one of their thrones having what turned out to be a very indulgent pedicure.

Result! Shiny red shellac nails and the silkiest feet imaginable, ready to slip into my new Louboutin flats, and a very pleasant tingling feeling. Everywhere.

It was also a great opportunity for a spot of girlie talk with gorgeous team who work there.

Eeks and tweaks

On a very serious note, girls. Threading, as they say where I come from is plucking hell but definitely worth it though. Just enough to enhance my carefully cultivated quizzical look. No, I’ve never gone for that startled owl look.

Every now and again I get my permanent eyeliner redone too. It’s something I’ve had done for years. It makes those late-night-tumble-into-bed-times so much more glamorous. No messing about with messy makeup remover and looking like basted duck.

Go to bed and wake up ready to go, I say.

Needless to say Goldfinger worked its magic and I walked back on the street looking like a trillion dollars. Believe me, cars slowed down just to get a better look as I strolled back to my car. If you’ve got it flaunt it I say.

Garden delights

Talking about late night delights, I’m thrilled to see Fethiye coming alive with the rise in temperatures. The bars and clubs are beginning to buzz and the restaurants are full of happy diners and toned young waiters.

But then there are always those couples that sit there staring into middle distance. I won’t sit near them. So depressing.

Anyway, a few friends and I wanted a tasty bite at Mosaik Bahçe last week.

I’d been telling them about the wonderful food I ate in Hatay last year but it’s such a long way from Fethiye.

No problem, I said, Mosaik has it all.

Well, would you believe it, people were literally queuing for tables? That’s what happens when you tell everyone to go there. Absolutely thrilled for them.

Anyway, I made the most of the wait by flirting outrageously with the delightful Doğan while nibbling on a few of his juicy olives along with a glass or two of vino aperitifs to wash them down.

Thanks Doğan, the food was great as always. I’ll certainly be back soon for more. That’s a promise.

I also met his wife, Nichola, who it turns out is an awesomely brilliant photographer. Must arrange a photo shoot with her sometime soon.

As they say (who are ‘they’ by the way?) watch this space.

Carpe noctem – seize the night

On the subject of promises, last week Fethiye’s piazza, or whatever you call it, which is usually such a dull, empty space was for some reason full of exotic looking Ottoman tents, stalls and hundreds of white plastic chairs and most interesting of all a great big stage. I remembered reading about a festival – and this was it!

For a moment I wondered about improvising a pop up show of my own, but I don’t think Fethiye’s quite ready for that yet.

Besides, I already had a promise for a lazy afternoon on my friends’ dreamy gulet.

Returning later that evening I was totally agog to see the place full to bursting and some crazy music blasting out.

The band, I later learned, from a natty man in a hat, was called Vivalda Dula.

The female vocalist came from Angola via Houston Texas and I have to admit, she had a phenomenal stage presence and the audience loved it.

She worked the crowd par excellence. A woman after my own heart but it was at this point I had to slip away. It would have been so easy to join her.

Believe me, I’d be telling you a very different story if I hadn’t been otherwise engaged.

Evidently it was the third music festival and they’ve hosted performers from all over the the world, someone said more than 25 countries. Would you adam and eve it?

But well done Fethiye for getting your act together and bringing some great music to town.

That’s more than can be said for the white vans going around blaring out music.

I was told they are an important feature in Turkish elections but can’t for the life of me understand why.

Somebody. PLEASE. Explain.

What does Fethiye taste of?

It’s a lovely name isn’t it, Taste of Fethiye? Spice and everything nice, I thought. So I dashed up to Kaya Village on Friday.

The first part of the winding forest road brings out the worst in me, bringing back memories of a very special rally driver I used to know. But not for long. Soon the forest begins to work its magic and I drive at a more dignified speed.

There’s something about those massive pine trees that immediately makes me unwind, relax. Then comes the climax. The road opens out onto the panoramic valley below and the mountains towering above. It looks so wonderful in the sunshine. No wonder Rusty came here to film his historical drama last year.

After a spot of yoga on the hill above Kaya (the tractor driver was rather distracted by my sleeping yogi) I felt totally relaxed.

Sorry, I digress. 

Anyway, I spent a lovely hour or so at what turned out to be a charming artisan event, bought some enchanting crafty bits and pieces made by the local sisterhood and a couple of sweet watercolors. They’re great for pressies girlfriends, so watch out! 

Beads and baubles
Beads and baubles
Pressies for my girlfriends
Pressies for my girlfriends

Then just as I was about to head off, out of nowhere like one of those old westerns, appeared a group of guys who turned out to be MORE musicians. What a surprise that was. I have to say they were superb to watch and if I hadn’t had other plans I would have got to know them better.

Later that night I popped into Deep Blue bar and was blown away by two women singing Summer Time (our Angola friend again and evidently a singer from England).

Could have stayed all night and made a trio but I was already late for my night cap. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Such is life.

See you all next week, meanwhile have fun! I know I am.

Vanessa Black