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Seasons Greetings

It’s close, very close. I can feel it, smell it and hear it. What do I mean? The holiday season and all that goes with it.

Just last week I notice the parasols and sun beds had been set out very neatly on Calis beach.

The old beige wicker parasols now have been painted in attractive multi colours echoing the new trend to make things look bright and modern.

I love them.

Tar Very Much

But I nearly didn’t make it off the promenade at Calis thanks to some messy road works I almost got stuck in.

Now anyone who has been around for a while will know that the roads along side the canal in Calis have been left without any new surface since the works on the canal were completed.

Someone told me the dusty then muddy then dusty roads was down too a dispute over who was responsible for the work.

Another source said the project had run out of money.

So I sauntered towards the bridge but my way was partially blocked by a thin coating of tar that looked like it had just been laid.

I managed to just tip toe over the sticky black mess and to the safety of the bridge.

Liquid tar laid on the roads around Fethiye
Liquid tar laid on the roads around Fethiye

But, as the picture shows, some people may not have been so lucky to escape. These cars have effectively been marooned by the sticky and smelly stuff.

I wonder if butter sales were up that day in Calis to be used to remove the tar from shoes, clothes, cars and street dogs and cats.

Food Delivered with an Apology

As temperatures rise so the new intake of gorgeous waiters and pretty waitresses arrive to take up their new jobs in the many cafes, restaurants and bars.

Eager to try out their English skills they are keen to chat.

But one restaurant that shall remain nameless employs a waiter that apologises when your food is delivered.

He says ‘Sorry’ as he delivers the plate.

Doesn’t sound like a good start to your meal until you realise that what the waiter really means is ‘excuse me’, or maybe ‘move your arms will ya I’ve got yer food and if you don’t move you could be wearing it.’

Customer is Always Wrong

I was in a popular cafe at the weekend. I shall not name it here but I’ll give you a clue – it’s name is the same word twice…..

The central Fethiye cafe claims it serves a wide range of ‘quality’ coffees and drinks.

So I ordered an iced espresso.

What came was something that looked like weak tea and tasted like cold water that had been stirred with a spoon that had just stirred another coffee.

An iced espresso served in a Fethiye Cafe. A shameful product.
An iced espresso served in a Fethiye Cafe. A shameful product.

Now I know what an iced coffee should look an taste like. So, I politely called over the waiter to explain my disappointment.

His response was to explain that’s how it should be.

“No it’s not” I replied.

To which he said “it’s one shot of espresso and water.”

So faced with the only option of an argument (hey we’ve all been there here haven’t we) I paid the 9TL and left.

Of course I will now never go back to that cafe again.

This is how an iced espresso should look by the way. See any difference?

In case you're wondering what it should look like
In case you’re wondering what it should look like

Twenty One

Fethiye’s longest running curry house ‘Shine’ celebrated its 21st anniversary last week with a party at its premises in Hisaronu.

Apparently it was a well attended event although my spies tell me that Hasan was too shy to read his own speech, so a friend did it for him…

I also heard that regular customers Sue and Peter Saunders baked a smiley face cake for him that he took home for his family. Happy days.

Happy birthday Shine
Happy birthday Shine


A little bird told me that Shine has a new neighbour: Cem has opened a branch of ‘Unique’ in the large ground floor premises underneath.

I am told it’s looking very impressive.

Go to the Flow

The young, smart and stylish Fethiye urbanites are harnessing the energy of the local environment, creating art, mixing culture and style.

The new ‘Flow; Lounge Bar’ is a chic enclave for art lovers, conversationalists and stylish visitors with a cool sound track.

Going with the Flow
Going with the Flow

The Paspatur bar had its formal opening last week with a fantastic art show and sexy Salsa Dancing.

Sounds like just the place for me.

Toxic Cocktail

The Police found an illegal alcohol production factory going on in Fethiye last week so I read.

It was based in a cologne factory where they make that nice lemon cologne used to freshen one.

The local headman of the neighbourhood was quoted as saying that there was enough illegal alcohol ready to be bottled to have poisoned the whole of Fethiye.

It’s a relief they found it before it hit the bars, boats and restaurants.

We all know that the tax on alcohol is very high in Turkey but I wonder what the ideal tax/price point is that would deter these people from making and selling this toxic and lethal cocktail?

And finally

Here’s my Turklish offering for the week.

I was in this shop last week and their strap line had me mightily confused and wondering what they are really trying to say!

But sometimes the meaning is ….

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