Fethiye will be hosting the town’s Eighth Arts Festival this month,

which will for the third year running include the town’s

International Music Festival.

A four day event

The four-day world music event is once again attracting some

top class musicians from across the globe.

Groups from cultures and countries as diverse as the UK, Iran,

USA, Spain and Angola will be filling Fethiye’s Beşkaza Square

with sound.

Music as well as Taste of Fethiye in Kayaköy

There will also be an opportunity to listen to some of the music in the

beautiful setting of Kayaköy as part of the Taste of Fethiye project’s

craft fair on Friday 15th May. The fair will begin at 10:00, continuing

until 17:00 with music (including a solo performance by Scott Jeffers)

due to take place from 14:00 to 17:00.

KayaKoy is one of the locations included within the guide

Taste of Fethiye’s biannual fairs have become popular events both for

local artists, craftspeople and traditional food producers as well as

their customers but although in previous years musicians from the

festival have played in Kayaköy, this is the first time the fair has

been combined with the music festival.

The organisers believe that it will add a new and exciting

dimension to both events.

An important event

Mustafa Şıkman, spokesperson for FETAV, the NGO in charge of the event,

said he is pleased that this year the concerts will once again bring a rich

mix of sound, cultures and styles to Fethiye.

This is the eighth year for Fethiye’s Arts Festival and the third for our
International Music Festival. As in previous years we have an eclectic
mix of groups coming from many different countries. Gradually
Fethiye’s World Music Festival is developing a reputation as an
important event for musicians from all over the world.”

Cultural variety in Beşkaza Square

This year the concerts will vary from Vivalda Dula, guaranteed to get the audience

dancing, to folk music from Ukraine group, Spiritual Seasons.

Performance from the Arts Festival 2014
Performance from the Arts Festival 2014


Popular on the UK festival trail and now in Fethiye, the British group Inu will be playing

music from Balkans and Mehregan Ensemble will entrance the audience

with their timeless, evocative music from Iran.

Local stars

Adem Kazan
Adem Kazan

There will also be plenty of music from the festival’s host town Fethiye,

including piano, rock, and traditional türküler from Fethiye festival

favourites Ahmet Erarslan and Adem Kazan.


Ahmet Erarslan
Ahmet Erarslan

From Ibiza to Fethiye

Vagabundos de Lujo - Ibiza, Spain
Vagabundos de Lujo – Ibiza, Spain

Fans of guitar duo, Los Vagabundos de Lujo, will be delighted to know that they

will be returning for the third year running – their music brings the

more relaxed side of Ibiza nightlife right into the heart Fethiye.

In 2013 they played in Kayaköy at the Upper Church.

Traveler returns

Scott Jeffers - Traveler at FIMF2014
Scott Jeffers – Traveler at FIMF2014

Scott Jeffers – Traveler at FIMF2014

Equally welcome will be the presence of Traveler with Scott Jeffers,

whose amazing fiddle playing has become an annual treat for

Fethiye music lovers.


Evening concerts in Fethiye

Evening concerts will be held in Beşkaza Meydanı (Fethiye Town Square)

at start at 21:00 and are expected to finish around 23:30.

All the concerts are free.

Saz player Emre Dayıoğlu
Saz player Emre Dayıoğlu

Lots going on…

There will be lots going on during the daytime too.

Photo and art exhibitions, a book fair, poetry readings and more…

On Sunday 17th May, starting at 14:00 there will be events, shows

and music all day and into the night.

Full details of the festival…

Click here for the timetable and details of the Festival

Listen to the music

To watch videos of the musicians click on their names.


The headline photo, taken by Ian Dickinson, shows the 2014 performers.