Encouraged by the fine weather, a carnival atmosphere, music, food, dance and a love of Kayaköy,

thousands of people came to the Kayaköy Festival last Sunday for the valley’s first event of the year.

The organisers told FT that they were delighted by the attendance and the overall success of the day.

Kayaköy Festival a huge successCelebrating a natural and beautiful setting

The organisers also believe that the popularity of Kayaköy, as a natural, historic

and beautiful setting, brought out the crowds.

Overall they estimate that between three and four thousand visitors came

along throughout the course of the day and said they had received a great

deal of positive feedback.

Kayaköy Festival a huge success

Kites a flying success

With promotion mainly through social media and posters,

the event included a kite festival, with children (and adults) making and flying

them in the warm spring breeze above the ruins.

Kayaköy Festival a huge success

Food stalls and barbecues provided snacks and meals throughout the day,

live music and dancing brought the old town’s square to life;

creating a friendly, fun atmosphere.

Kayaköy Festival a huge success

In fact, according to some visitors, the event was so popular there

were issues with traffic congestion and parking.

However, the high number of visitors meant that the local businesses

and restaurants enjoyed and benefitted from the brisk trade.

The organisers said that as a result, they hope to make the

festival an annual event.

Kayaköy Festival a huge success

Kayaköy Festival a huge success

‘Defending’ or ‘Saving’ Kayaköy

The event was organised by ‘Defend Kayaköy’ with support from ‘Save Kayaköy’, both

well supported groups that came together following concerns about proposals to build a

holiday village on part of the historic site and to restore another section.

For decades there have been on going discussions about the future of Kayaköy

both at national and local level. But with the closure of the churches to the

public in 2013, and publicity in the national media, last year speculation

increased as the development seemed more likely.

Kayakoy Church Padlock

Despite these on going concerns, so far nothing has happened.

More recently there has been a call by another group to change

the name of Kaya Köyü to Kayı Köyü but here again there has

been no more news about the referendum proposed for the end of March,

leaving residents wondering whether the change will be made.

May events

We don’t yet have a date yet for the next Taste of Fethiye Kayaköy Food and Craft Fair

but will keep you posted.


  1. sadly I missed this one – didn’t see anything on social media/facebook or posters 🙁 is there a mailing list? or a friends group on facebook to know in advance of future events?

    • It was posted on our Facebook page Susan, rather last minute, but as soon as we heard about it! As far as we know there’s no mailing list. When we hear of another Kayaköy happening we’ll hopefully have enough time to post it on this website too.