If a town’s prestige can be judged by the number of cinemas it has, Fethiye’s 11 screens now places it in the higher echelons of Turkey’s urban scene.

Fethiye’s seven-screen Aksin cinema is tucked away in the corner on the first floor of the new Erasta AVM shopping mall.

Two of the screens are 3D, for which cardboard-framed specs can be hired. Fethiye Times went along to check it out.

The small cinemas are almost chilly compared with the oven-like temperatures on the street outside and the seats are very comfortable.

In the concourse there is all the usual cinema fodder for sale, including popcorn, of course, the smell of which fills the cinemas, like every else in the world.

comfortable seating
comfortable seating

3D Screens for Fethiye

Not surprisingly, the 3D films are dubbed into Turkish but there are also English language movies with Turkish subtitles.

Tickets are available on-line or at the door.

Along with Fethiye’s Hayal four-screen cinema, the town now has two cinema complexes and the capacity to show a w mainstream blockbusters, action movies, comedies and rom-coms that are usually on the menu.

To find out what’s on, visit the Aksin website.