We are big fans of hans at Fethiye Times and Evdir Han is an exceptional example that we visited recently.

Hans are the highway inns of the Seljuk period.

Many years ago we recommended the www.turkishhan.org, a site dedicated to hans. As well as details of individual hans the site also has fascinating information on what life was like in the Seljuk period which, as the site says “…was an exceptional period of commerce, politics and art from the 11th to the 13th century”.

So over the past eight years or so we have been visiting the hans listed on the site, and for some time have failed to find Evdir Han on the outskirts of Antalya.

That changed when it finally gained a brown road sign.

It is only 1km off the main road into Antalya so a very easy place to visit if are going to or coming from Antalya.

It is in the suburb of Döşemealtı, which is the first bit of the city you come to after you pass the sign for Antalya itself.

Next time we’ll show you what’s left of Evdir, which was built in 1219 when Sultan Izzetin Keykavus led the Seljuk Empire.