In this final article we look at some more of this charming Turkish seaside town.

As well as being a sleepy, low-rise little town with a gem of a castle, Çandarlı also has a good beach as you can see below.

Definitely bucket and spade territory. The photo below is looking south, and the next one is looking north where the beach continues, as you can see.

You may well wonder how Çandarlı has escaped mass tourism, and the answer is lack of nearby airport and fast roads.

The main road (almost a motorway) from Izmir to Çanakkale lies some way inland.

So you have to know about Çandarlı to go there, and discerning Turks do visit.

Many have holiday homes here and even more come for holidays. There are a few good restaurants and bars facing the sea, though almost all were closed when we visited in mid-September.

That is a sure sign that a place is a ‘Turkish resort’ as once the schools open, facilities in the resort start to close down.

However, if you find yourselves north of Izmir and looking for an interesting place to visit, think about a slight detour to Çandarlı.