Our writer reviews an updated guide to this amazing city and finds it unique and very good.

It was first published in September 2010 and is absolutely amazing in terms of the breadth and detail of the content.

Compiled by two very experienced guides and guide book writers (one of them, Pat Yale, a British subject) it is a joy to read and teaches you so muchy about the city that, in our opinion, just isn’t documented elsewhere.

This writer has been exploring Istanbul pretty regularly since 1969 and was beginning to think she had seen most of what there is to see. Not so.

The Ultimate Guide has now convinced her that she will never visit every place of historic interest in Istanbul – though she’ll give it a good try!

The book is fantastic. Here’s part of the section on the Sülemaniye Mosque complex, which we have written about at length on Fethiye Times.

The text is broken down into bite-sized chunks, all of it easy to read.

There are over 3,000 photographs, maps and drawings so just flicking through looking at the pictures is very pleasurable.

The book measures 20cm square so it isn’t huge in size but it is heavy.

However, undaunted by the weight, we shall be heading to Istanbul on 1st December to really put the book through its paces. And, of course, report back on all we see and do.

We know you are wondering about cost. It is 75TL which isn’t cheap, but Christmas is coming. You can buy it on-line from the publishers Boyut via their website.

Or get a book shop owner in Fethiye to order it in for you.

In case you want to take that option the ISBN is 978-975-23-0734-6.