In the second part of our article we take a look inside the newly renovated council chamber at Patara near Kalkan.



The building was completed in the 2nd century AD when the Lycian League was officially recognised by the then Roman rulers of the region.

It can seat 1,400 people in twenty rows.

For any reader who is encountering the Lycian League for the first time here, we should say that it was a group of towns, cities and villages who elected representatives to the parliament housed in this building according to population – not just the world’s first democratic system, but also one that featured proportional representation. For more information search on Fethiye Times.

Here’s another view looking straight down from the top of the seats.

Patara is a must see for those on holiday to Kalkan and Fethiye

The floor at the bottom is glass panels, which allow you to see the remnants of the dark blue marble underneath.

It is a beautiful building and has been very well restored.

Patara is a must see for those on holiday to Kalkan and Fethiye

So this summer put Patara on your list of places to go and, having explored the Council building and all the other interesting remains, you can head down to the beach and relax.