Regular readers may recall our truncated visit to Aphrodisias last October when we were rained off. We did manage to visit the Museum (indoors), and see the unique tetrapylon, but then the heavens opened and we headed for home.


Recently we had Canadian friends staying who had never been to Aphrodisias, so we hired a car and went there and back as a day trip – something we’ve wanted to try for a long time.


It’s not a day trip for wimps as, whichever route you take, there are six hours driving in total involved.

But we did it, and now we can show you the bits of Aphrodisias we never got to write about following last October’s visit.

By the way we reckon the quickest route is to turn left for Altınyayla on the main yayla road to Antalya. That road is good and joins the main Denizli road – saves quite a few miles over going the long way through Söğüt.

Once you reach the main Denizli road take the left turn towards Muğla and ‘Afrodisias’ is signed from then on.

They operate a park and ride scheme at the site so you park and pay 7TL for parking plus ride down to site entrance in carriages pulled by a tractor. The 7TL covers all passengers in a car.

Entry to the site is another 10TL per person.

More about this wonderful site in our next article.