Enjoy the Land of Light at its best with a full moon swim amongst the moon dust of phosphorescence in the sea. Tomorrow night sees a rare opportunity to swim whilst the moon is the closest to the earth too – supermoon swimming.

With clear skies and calm, warm and windless nights for much of the year Fethiye and the Lycian Coast is a star gazers dream. Shooting stars are common sights and the lack of light pollution out of town in the countryside or at sea give viewers a unique view of the night skies in its full glory.

No wonder then that Fethiye is known as the ‘land of lights’.

But there’s one celestial event that really is special – a full moon.

When it’s full the moon creates a magical new light and look to the already spectacular mountain, coastline and sea views. Outlines, shadows, glimmering sea and the moon itself are a feast for the eyes and mind.

One of the best ways we think to enjoy the spectacle is to go for a full moon swim in the sea. Not only is full moon swimming and excellent way to experience the views but also a great way to relax and cool down at the end of a hot day.

While hotel’s close their pools at night no-one is stopping you from swimming in the sea.

There you can also enjoy the phosphorescence in the water (‘yakamoz’ in Turkish) too. The movement of your hands through the water can create a magical glittering wake as the tiny plankton generates thousands of specs of light. Don’t worry the plankton won’t bite they are microscopic! Just think of them as moon dust sprinkled on the sea.

When to See

The next full moon is tomorrow 23rd June 2013 and its a really special one – the annual “supermoon”. The moon will be closer to the earth than it normally is and will be bigger and brighter.

Then it’s the 22nd July, 21st August, 19th September, 19th October and, for the hardy swimmer, the 17th November 2013.

If the moon is full late in the month you can comfortably swim in the warm sea from May and go through to September and maybe even October if the air temperatures allow or you are the hardy type.

Be Safe

Don’t blame it on the Moonlight.

Don’t swim alone and keep together. Don’t swim drunk.


Of course….it’s great!