Fethiye’s Hayal cinema is showing a couple of cracking Oscar nominated films this week.

It’s been a bad winter for cinema in Fethiye as, due to the burgeoning Turkish film industry, there has been a dearth of imports showing with original (English) soundtrack.

Now we are in post-Oscar’s mode and two Oscar nominated films are on this week, both highly recommended – though neither for the faint of heart.

Danny Boyle’s ‘127 Hours’ tells the true story of Aron Ralston who was hiking in Utah when a rock fall pinned him to a canyon wall by his arm. 

He eventually amputated his lower arm with a penknife, and lived to the tale – and see his story garner five Oscar nominations. 

None of which turned into actual awards, but this is still a film well worth watching.

Black Swan, for which Natalie Portman scooped the Best Actress Oscar, is also on this week and billed as a ‘psycho-sexual thriller’.

We have seen both, one at Hayal and the other on DVD, and think both are well worth watching on the big screen. 

As rain is forecast you may want to plan an afternoon at the cinema.

The Cinema in Fethiye

The Hayal cinema in Fethiye has five screens and a seating capacity of 350.  There is a small cafe/snack shop for the obligatory popcorn and drinks.  Fully air-conditioned and with Dolby surround sound this is a great resource for the town.  It is located a few streets back from the sea front, diagonally opposite the Citlembik ‘department’ store.

It is not uncommon to visit the cinema of an afternoon and find you are the only people in the auditorium.  Another nice feature is that there is always a break in the middle for replenishing refreshments, nipping to the loo or for smokers to have a quick puff outside.  As films are increasingly 2 hours plus long, this is a welcome pause to stretch legs.

Adult English speaking foreigners do well here as many of the films that are shown are in their original language.  Children do less well as all animated and children’s films are dubbed into Turkish.

The normal ticket price is 9 TL.  If you go on a Wednesday or any week day before 6pm you can get in for 7 TL.  A 10 percent discount is available for groups of 30 or more.