The oak tree is held in high esteem in Britain, but some readers may not be aware that there is a variety of oak known as the ‘Turkey oak’.

Its Latin name querrcus cerris would, we believe, be better if changed to ‘querrcus Turkus’.

However, not only does the noble Turkey oak exist, but you can see many huge specimens within half an hour’s drive from the centre of Fethiye.

To find them you turn right up into Esen at the top of the Patlangıç road and then a few miles later along the straight road through Esen, take another right which is signed to Gökben and Kabaağaç.

This road takes you up and down through three separate valleys and eventually emerges on to the main road to Patara.

Indeed, if you do not trust yourself following the minimalist directions given here, a better way to find the road is to drive as if going to Patara, and look for the turning signed to Pınara which will be on your left. Turn left and you are following the road back to Fethiye.

Wherever the road forks take the right hand fork, and you will emerge in Esen in due course.

But first you will have passed through the three valleys all with numerous mature Turkey oaks.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not any tree is a Turkey oak, or one of the many other varieties of oak, search for an acorn.

The Turkey oak bears its acorns in distinctive cups – see the photo below.