Join us on day 4 of our race.

18th Bodrum Cup – Day 4

Tuesday 17th October

The penultimate day’s racing had everyone crossing the Gulf again to a point just east of Bodrum harbour.  The wind really whipped up during the final stages of the race and it began to rain – we later realised that this was the edge of the storm which later struck Fethiye.  Apart from causing the cancellation of that night’s planned beach party, the bad weather didn’t really effect the regatta.  Some boats returned to Bodrum after crossing the finish line, we on Kaptan Şevket dropped anchor with several others in a nice calm bay and, a refreshing change from hedonistic partying, had a good dinner on board and an early night.  The forecast for the final day was little or no wind which could lead to the cancellation of the race and, for Kaptan Şevket, a guaranteed first place in its class which we all knew we’d never achieve if we actually had to race again.