After three hours of patiently tying up yachts we achieved the ‘circle of love’!

On Saturday 27th October the race took us further along the coast to Gümüşlük – one of the prettiest bays on the peninsula because, as it is the site of the ancient city of Mindos, development is heavily restricted.  We came third in our class in this race so arrived feeling very euphoric.  Anyone who has visited the Bodrum Cup website will have seen an amazing aerial photograph of yachts forming a circle which was taken in 2004 outside Bodrum harbour.  The organisers call it the ‘Sevgi Cember’ or ‘Circle of Love’ and have been trying to repeat the feat ever since, with no success.  However they did finally manage it in Gümüşlük bay after three hours of patiently tying up yachts to prepared buoys in the centre of the bay.  All the boats had to be tied up in order according to a plan and the results were impressive – you can see more photos taken from a helicopter here.

{mosimage}The hours’ waiting for the photos to be taken were happily spent sunbathing and socialising with people on neighbouring boats – you can always find someone to chat to at the Bodrum Cup.  In the evening the Gusta Restaurant on shore hosted everyone for drinks and an open buffet and, when we returned to the boat, a large day boat had been moved into the centre of the circle and a band performed on the top deck. 

We went to bed feeling quietly confident of second place with only one more race to go – you know things went pear-shaped the next day don’t you?