Crazy or exhilerating?  Jumping off a perfectly good mountain may not seem a good idea to many, here’s how it was for me.

My husband and I signed up for the sunset jump and met the jeep in Hisaronu at about 6pm.  The ride up was probably more excting than the jump itself!  The dirt track snakes up through the national park, and often has sheer drops on one side.  Our jeep was soon overtaken by a newer one from a different company, but we didn’t mind eating their dust as we enjoyed the view and the antics of the ‘pilots’.  They climbed all over the jeep and played jokes on each other – like tying shoe laces together.  We asked one guy if he was a pilot – oh no, not me he said – you wouldn’t get me jumping.  He turned out to be my husbands pilot!

When we got to the first jump site there were loads of parachutes laid out and people waiting to jump.  We weren’t sure what was going on as we struggled into the flight suits, but it soon dawned on us that the reason everyone was standing around was because there was no wind.  We waited ages and eventually a small gust flicked the wind sock, and my husband and his pilot were away, run, run, run, run!  It was a close thing but they were up. They circled for a while waiting for me and my guy, but the wind was nowhere to be found.

{mosimage}After half an hour we piled back into the jeep and headed for the highest point, where the observatory is.  Here there were a few others, and the sun was steadily going down.  Again we got into position and waited…..and waited.  Eventually someone decided there was a gust coming and so we were off, running down a sharp slope waiting to be pulled back by the air filled canopy.  Next thing I know we where back on the road.  Luckily no injuries!  The wind had come and gone in an instant and we were deposited into the grit.  Strangely I felt no fear in all this.  We picked the stones out and gathered up the chute, got back into the jeep and then back in position.  My pilot was obviously not worried, so why should I be.   Another gust and another attempt.  Now we were airborn.  My husband was already on the ground by now!  The ride was nice, not particulary thrilling – but that can be arranged if you want to do spirals!  Actually, he never mentioned them, maybe he was feeling lucky to be alive?  The views however are wonderful.  You can see for miles and what you can see is so beautiful.  The sun really did set while we were flying, and by the time we elegantly landed on the sand the moon was up.

It was good, but I don’t think I’ll do it again.