Fethiye Times interviews Marcus, property owner in Calis and expert fisherman.

FT:  Marcus, how long have you been coming to Turkey?

Marcus:  I bought my apartment in 2005, we are right on Calis river/stream and I had noticed that there were plenty of fish when we walked up to view our apartment, so it is an ideal fishing retreat.

FT:  Where have you fished in this area?

Marcus: I fished from my place downstream until you get near the boat taxis to Fethiye, the smaller fish are at the narrower part of the river but there are a lot more of them. It was harder to get to them at the start of last year as there were many more reeds but after the flooding it opened the river up and it was easier to find a nice spot. My favourite peg is by the wobbly bridge, as the locals call it, I cannot think of anywhere I would rather spend a few hours fishing with a nice cool beer.

FT: What equipment are you using?

{mosimage}Marcus: The equipment I bought with me from England; I use a rod and reel with light tackle, about a 1lb line and the smallest hook. I suppose, if you didn’t want to be too technical, I think you could get a few out with just a hand-line and a small float and hook so there is no need to carry all the tackle on the plane.


FT: Can you get tackle locally that suits your style of fishing?

Marcus: I suppose there might be an opportunity for a local business to supply a bit of tackle as the young and old always enjoy a bit of fishing on holiday.

FT:  What baits are you using?

Marcus: The most reliable bait is bread – you can get a loaf of bread and you are away. I have tried all the traditional baits, sweet corn, luncheon meat, pasta, spaghetti spinners – you name it, I tried it but to no avail. The only bait I could get them on was good old bread.
I suppose if you could get hold of some maggots or worm you would be on to a winner.

FT: What are you catching?

{mosimage}Marcus: I have only had the one species of fish out and they seem to be mullet. There must be other species of fish in there, I will let you know next season.

FT:  How is fishing as a sport/pastime viewed by locals?

Marcus:  I think the locals find the rod and line a bit interesting; I usually get one or two sitting watching, we always manage a few words. I suppose they have the right idea with the net that they throw to catch their fish, its a lot quicker and more effective. Any fish I catch I always give to them.

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