A walk with stunning views

This is one of my favourite walks. You get a chance to see the deserted old Greek village, stunning views of the sea and a wonderful vista of Oludeniz and the bay.

Kaya Koy to Oludeniz – A walk with stunning views

This is one of my favourite walks. You get a chance to see the deserted old Greek village, stunning views of the sea and a wonderful vista of Oludeniz and the bay.

This is a popular route in the summer.

  • Ease of Walk – Requires a good level of fitness. Path is uneven in places and requires a high level of concentration. 

  • Distance – 8 – 10km
  • Type: – One way but is reversible
  • Time of walk – Around 2.5 – 3 hours depending on fitness and time of year.
  • Admission charges – None – see note below
  • Way Marks – Yes follow Yellow and Red


I like to start this walk from Kaya as, in the summer, it’s good to end the walk with a swim in the sea and cool off.

Always take plenty of water with you as there is none available en route.

The Route

From Fethiye take the dolmus marked Kaya. It leaves on the hour every hour from the central mosque and travels on the route past the bus station and up to Hisaronu before taking the road to Kaya.

Get off the dolmus in Kaya at the first entrance to the old Greek village by the newly built wine house and the wooden hut. The walk starts here – one of the entrances to the old village.

You will be approached by the attendant to pay an entrance fee. However, you don’t need to pay anything – just say you are walking to Oludeniz and they will let you through for free. If they insist you insist or walk further down the road and cut through into the village there.

Follow the path to the right from the hut, past the trinket sellers and then left up the old stone path to the church.

From here pick up the way marks. The way marks for this route are yellow and red (see the picture). Don’t follow the white and red markers – these are for the Lykian Way or any other marks.

They will lead you up through the village and up a steep path to the top of the village. The way marks are clearly marked but you will need to concentrate and keep an eye out for them.

While you’re here why not have a look at the old church which is just off the path.



Yellow and Red – This way marks says turn


Another way mark saying straight on


The old church


You will reach the top of the hill and the path levels out and then slowly descends after passing through a pine forest area.


Climbing the path above the village gives a great view – note the way mark.

You will then reach a rocky outcrop where the path narrows. This is a good opportunity to stop and look at the wonderful views of cold water bay.

Continuing on this path you will then arrive at another great viewing point before descending down a stone path.

Keep your eye open for the way marks after this point because its easy to follow another path. You will descend down this path until you arrive at a shaded area. Follow the path through the vegetation until you arrive at a makeshift wall and a tree with various strange things nailed to it!

Follow the path to the left through bushes until you arrive in the clearing.


The view over Cold water bay

The path then leads you through the clearing past a water cistern and then onto a narrow path through the pine forest.

Keep following the way marks.

You will reach what I think is the highlight of the walk – the view of Oludeniz.

After this point the path starts to descend steeply and the surface becomes very loose. Be very careful here as its easy to slip!

At the bottom you will aim for the green gates of a private beach. Go through the gates and follow the path past the old ruins and tent and then left where you will see the main gates on to the public road.

Follow the road by the lagoon.

At this point you have a choice depending on the time of year. You can either walk all the way to the main settlement of Oludeniz by following the road for about 3 km, or, in the summer, pick up the dolmus near to Josephs Bar.


WOW! – The view of Oludeniz

To get back to Fethiye pick up the regular dolmus from Oludeniz sea front.