Paragliders are looking for alternatives to Babadag.

A Paragliding team from the Aegean University has applied for the necessary license to be given to Radar Hill in Dalyan as a paragliding launch site. Radar Hill has an altitude of 565 metres and is said to be suitable for paragliding. The team studied the proposed launch site which overlooks the Itsuzu bay and confirmed that being close to the sea and with favourable wind conditions the site is convenient for paragliding.

Recently there have been some problems with the high altitude Babadag paragliding launch ramp in Fethiye when the tenants of the launch ramp site increased entry fees to the point where local paragliders and associated companies refused to use the facility in protest at the increases. The site in Dalyan could possibly be used as an alternative launch site if permission is given. However Ortaca Governor Salih Yuce confimed that two years ago a project aimed at turning Radar Hill into a commercial paragliding launch ramp was rejected by the authorities who upheld that the location is not appropriate for paragliding.