Work to restore Fethiye’s amphitheatre should start next year.

On Monday 21st May it was announced that TURSAB, the Association of Turkish Travel Agents, are to take on the task of restoring Fethiye’s amphitheatre and the work should start next year.

Fethiye Times tries very hard not to be cynical, but in the past two years we have heard reports along the lines of “They are going to hold concerts in the amphitheatre” several times.  Clearly, before the theatre can be utilised it has to be restored.  Let’s hope this time the work does go ahead, as anyone who has been to concerts at Aspendos or Bodrum ampitheatres knows how amazing it is to sit in a 2000-year-old theatre, watching/listening to a concert, in the balmy summer air with the stars overhead.  And, in the case of Fethiye’s amphitheatre, a beautiful view out across the bay as a bonus.

Fethiye Times is crossing collective fingers and hoping TURSAB can pull it off.