We continue our visit to this interesting Turkish town with some images of the Ottoman heritage (Photo rich article).

Birgi doesn’t just have a unique 18th century wooden mansion, it has a whole load of other historic buildings as well.

It has a Seljuk mosque built in 1312 with a prayer niche decorated with glorious dark turquoise tiles manufactured by the Karatay tile factory in Konya.

Outside the mosque is this tomb built in 1310 for the sister of the then ruler of the region. Her sarcophagus is inside.

There are at least two historic hamams, one was still being restored when we were there, and had the narrowest entrance ever as you can see.

Whenever restoration of a building is completed images of its former state are put up so you can compare and contrast. This is a small theological college that has recently been restored.

And this is what it was like before being restored.

There are lots of other things to see in Birgi: a Byzantine tower, and numerous restored buildings; but we shall leave you with this bit of trivia. You will know that when you order a Turkish coffee it comes with a glass of water.

In Birgi you get a glass of water with your tea, too. Apparently that was the custom in Ottoman times and Birgi is committed to trying to preserve its Ottoman heritage.

Location of Birgi, Turkey

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