We continue our road trip visit to Birgi and this time look at the fascinating historic buildings.

Birgi has one amazing building that is unique: the Çakır Ağa Konak which translates as Squire Çakır’s Mansion. And it really is amazing. You can’t miss it as the entrance is right on the main street and entry is 4TL, but free if you have a Museum Card.

This is your first view of this eccentric building. The ground floor, down steps from the terrace where this was taken, is built of stone with the two upper stories constructed entirely of wood.

The building was lived in until 1975 when it was gifted to the nation, and the Ministry of Culture & Tourism spent twenty years restoring it before it opened as a museum in 1995.

Here’s a view of the ground floor showing the main entry – note the doors are wide enough to admit carts and carriages – and the space to the right which was originally a stable.

This floor also had the kitchens and servants’ rooms, with the family living on the two very opulent floors above.

And we’ll leave you with this view of the first floor which is mainly bedrooms with open areas, like the one seen here, for casual entertaining of visitors.

The decorative paintwork is quite amazing here, but wait till you inside the main reception rooms on the top floor.

That’ll be in the next article so keep logging on.