Armed with our Museum Card and a pocket full of cash we hit the road for an 832km tour of discovery with our new frugal friend.

Regular readers may be aware that, since April 2006, the village wing’s transport has been an aged Kartal that ran on LPG, and was affectionately known as the Gas Fired Monster or GFM – ‘Gazlı Canavar’ in Turkish.

Below is a photo of the car that latterly could barely make it to Dalaman in one direction and Kalkan in the other, and was so inefficient we were spending more and more on LPG and oil.

The car was 21 years old when, in January, it was traded in for a 5-year-old Renault Symbol that runs on diesel.

So we wanted to take a trip to see how the new car behaved and, over the past three days, we have done 832km on 150TL of fuel.

We went to Muğla, Incirliova, Tire and Ödemiş to reach Birgi where we spent the first night. Birgi is a magical small town working to preserve its Seljuk and Ottoman heritage and, it would seem, succeeding in so doing without becoming a commercially touristic venue.

Not to mention it has a crazy wooden painted (inside and out) mansion built in 1761 which is more than worth the trip on its own.

Then on via Alaşehir to Pamukkale, where we spent the second night after an afternoon in Hierapolis.

Finally to Laodicea and home via getting lost in Denizli.

Here’s the new car that made all this possible.

And we intend to do other trips so we can show you even more of the beautiful country in which we live.

Meanwhile here’s an image of the aforementioned mansion in Birgi about which we’ll be writing more soon.