With our new Renualt Symbol Fethiye Times heads off for another Turkish Road trip. In this article we head into Birgi.

This is Birgi’s main street and you can see the tractors which form a large part of the town’s transportation. Birgi still makes most of its income from agriculture rather than tourism.

We mentioned the pancakes in our previous article and here we have the lovely Güldane helping her friend’s granddaughter Merve produce a pancake. The special filling here is nettles with a bit of onion, potato and cheese. And they are absolutely delicious.

Birgi lies on either side of a water course that cascades down to the valley below.

And everywhere there are splendidly restored Ottoman buildings, with quite a few still waiting to be refurbished. It’s a joy to just stroll around admiring the beautiful buildings.

Birgi also has an amazing mansion, the only one of its kind remaining in Turkey and we’ll explore that next time.