Catch a cheap flight from Dalaman to Ankara and the rest of Turkey soon becomes much closer.

We recently told you about the new direct flights from Dalaman to Ankara that Anadolu Jet (the ‘cheap flight wing’ of Turkish Airlines) are now running twice weekly.

Well we have now flown back from Ankara on one of their direct flights, and can assure you that not only do you actually get a sandwich and drink within your ticket price, but also the Havaş bus service between Fethiye and Dalaman Airport fits with these flights at both ends.

We can hear you thinking “So what. We don’t want to go to Ankara.”

Well you may want to go further east in Turkey, and these flights can help you avoid horrendously long bus journeys.

The airline have also thought along these lines and, in their in-house magazine, give details of connecting flights you can make after landing in Ankara.

Specifically you can transfer to an on-going flight to Malatya, Trabzon, Gaziantep, Erzurum or Diyarbakır.

And that’s just on-going flights offered by Anadolu Jet – you may find other flights available with Pegasus, Onurair or Atlas Jet.

And there is another option.

The Havaş bus from Ankara (Esenboğa) Airport takes you to the downtown Havaş terminal – which is a short taxi ride from Ankara’s huge bus station called ASTI.

From there it is a mere three-hour journey to Cappadocia, and only five hours to Adana.

So a direct flight to Ankara followed by a shortish bus journey could get you to lots of places that require mammoth direct bus journeys from Fethiye.