Having visited Atatürk’s house in Trabzon, we couldn’t wait to see where Stalin once lived in Batumi.

Whilst the two leaders never met, their lives were entwined from the aftermath of the First World War onwards as they headed up adjacent countries.

Atatürk’s house in Trabzon was a gift to him from the city a mere few months before he died.

The property known as Stalin’s House in Batumi, was where he lived for a few months whilst organising local bitumen workers in 1901-02.

Unfortunately it was closed when we tried to visit, though according to the opening times posted on the gate it should have been open.

All we can offer is this photo of the bust of Stalin which stands outside the front door.

The house is in the working class area of Batumi where major urban renewal is underway.

Open market in Batumi, Georgia www.fethiyetimes.com

So with street markets selling vegetables and dodging the mud on roads being made – it felt just like home!