We continue our series of articles about Georgia and its food.

Here you can see part of the menu for the restaurant where we ate on each of the three nights we spent in Batumi.

Those who remember the exchange rate from an earlier article, will see how cheap things are compared to here. The pork and potato dish pictured in the previous ‘Food’ article is actually ‘Ojakhuri’ and costs the equivalent of about 5TL.

Now for the fun. The most expensive item, as you can see, is ‘Boiled Hen’ which, sorry to disappoint you dear readers, we didn’t order. However, look at the item beneath the ‘Hen’ and work out what you think ‘Pluck on the Ketsi’ means.

Trying to work it out kept us busy for two evenings during which we decided the ‘ketsi’ had to be describing the cooking method, as you could also order ‘veal on the ketsi’ and there were other ‘ketsi’ appearances in sections of the menu not shown here. But what was ‘Pluck’?

On the final evening we ordered ‘Pluck on the Ketsi’ and it turned out to be small roasted cubes of liver. Two members of the party are liver aficionados and pronounced it delicious.

The ‘ketsi’ is a shallow earthenware dish in which it had been roasted. So now you know.