Whilst we didn’t like either of the local specialities which we wrote about in Georgian Food 1, in general the food was excellent.

This was our starter one evening, the aubergine dish was gorgeous and you can easily replicate it here.

In Turkey we commonly eat cold, fried aubergine slices served with garlic yoghurt or a tomato sauce.

In Georgia they serve them with a paste of ground walnuts, garlic, breadcrumbs and chicken stock spread on top.

Interestingly the same paste is made in Turkey for a dish called Circassian Chicken (Çerkez Tavuk) but we thought it worked really well with the aubergine.

There was a huge range of hearty main courses, although most Georgian diners seemed to be chomping their way through mounds of dumplings.

Georgian roast pork with potatoes - www.fethiyetimes.com

Above is roast pork with potatoes, very good indeed.

And, as ever in another country, the menu provided us with lots of entertainment which we’ll share with you in the next article.