One of the things Georgia is famous for is polyphonic singing and we were lucky enough to experience this wonderful sight just by chance.

Polyphonic singing is acapella singing with haunting harmonies which are slightly different to the harmonies we are familiar with in the west.

For a detailed description of the technicalities of polyphonic singing type the term into Wikipedia.

We really wanted to hear some of this singing and one place it is guaranteed to be performed is at church services on Saturday and Sunday.

We arrived in Georgia on Tuesday, and were due to leave Friday, so church services were not an option.

Early on the Wednesday afternoon we got out of a taxi which had brought us back into Batumi from the Botanical Gardens, walked across the road to the park along the sea shore looking for somewhere to eat lunch and as we rounded the corner, heard polyphonic singing for the first time.

There were around ten people sitting at tables outside a cafe (it was raining but they had an awning), and it turned out they were members of a professional choir who had given a public performance in Batumi the previous evening.

Over the next couple of hours they sang and sometimes danced for us, several of the young people in the choir were also studying drama/ballet at the Conservatoire in Tblisi the capital of Georgia.

And more of their colleagues kept appearing until the space under the awning was jam packed – and still the singing continued.

A magical afternoon and the highlight of our visit to Georgia.