We arrived in Batumi around 4pm and set about finding a hotel.

We opted for the hotel with no name (see photo) where a double room with private bathroom and breakfast cost 70 lari (c. 60 Turkish Lira).

The 'No Name' Hotel Batumi, Georgia www.fethiyetimes.com

The hotel is in Old Batumi, a couple of minutes walk from the sea front where we first ventured after dark.

And discovered Batumi’s twin obsessions: fountains and lighting.

We’ll devote a whole article to fountains in due course, but meanwhile leave you with just one of Batumi’s many historical buildings suitably flood lit.

One of the many historic buildings in Batumi, Georgia www.fethiyetimes.com

Batumi is Georgia’s biggest resort but the season ends in late September so the prom was deserted, as were the streets. Still there was plenty to see and do as shall be revealed in future articles.