Fethiye Times goes travelling again. This time we head to the Black Sea coast of Turkey and then on the Georgia. On the first leg of the journey we arrive in Trabzon.

The Pegasus flight from Antalya was delayed by an hour so a taxi from the airport (16TL) deposited us in the main square in Trabzon about 3.15pm.

The square, known locally as the ‘meydan’, which means ‘square’, features a huge open air tea room in the middle and one long street of hotels meandering down the hill towards the harbour.

We are staying in the Otel Ural, a short way down the street, 40TL per person per night including breakfast. The hotel was originally opened in 1957 but this year has undergone a complete refurb and is now a modern, clean, well-appointed establishment. And the staff are wonderful.

We took a walk down hill towards the harbour through the steep, narrow streets of the old bazaar area.

Actually it doesn’t look that steep in the photograph – but it was!

At the bottom of the hill was a lovely old cast iron, 19th century drinking fountain right next to an ancient plane tree.

The fountain even featured an original tinned, copper drinking cup which sharp-eyed readers will spot to the right of centre in the picture.

Along the harbour the district took on a decidedly sleazy feel as we walked past some very basic hotels where the Russian women known in Turkey as ‘natashas’ are said to ply their trade. We took a taxi back to the square.

It hasn’t rained heavily since we arrived, just the occasional light drizzle, and the cloud cover keeps things cool which is great for sight seeing.

We have not been hassled at all despite being, as far as we can see, the only tourists in Trabzon.