The big switch-over to the new e-visa system that was due to take place on 10th April 2014 has been extended to the end of the year following lobbying by ABTA. But visitors will still need to buy an e-visa.

Tourists entering into Turkey via airports and land borders including Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman Airports would have only been able to enter with a valid e-visa purchased in advance on-line from 10th April.


ABTA had been lobbying the Turkish authorities saying the switch-over was too soon and would cause problems for the 2014 tourist season.

On their website they said:

“Since the new e-visa application process for Turkish Visas was announced earlier this year, ABTA on behalf of its Members, has been negotiating with the Turkish authorities to seek an extension to the transition period for the Turkish e-visa process.

We are pleased to advise that today we have received official confirmation from the attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey that the transition period of the e-visa process has been extended until 31 December 2014.”

Visitors arriving without a valid e-visa will be able to purchase one at special e-visa kiosks located at ports of entry such as Dalaman, Bodrum and Antalya airports.

The e-visa costs 20 USD so visitors should ensure they have a valid credit/debit card that is able to make foreign currency payments to buy an e-visa if they arrive in Turkey wihout one.