You can now take a minibus trip to the top of the famous Babadağ mountain that towers some 2km over Oludeniz and Fethiye and enjoy the cool air and fantastic views.

If you’ve driven through Ovacık recently you have probably noticed the banner in the above image.

Created by Ölüdeniz Belediye it is designed to publicise the fact that there are now regular dolmuş trips up Babadağ.

So even if you have no intention of paragliding, you can go up the mountain just to take in the magnificent views.

However, apart from the garbled English, the banner doesn’t say how long the trip takes or, perhaps most importantly, how much it costs.

There are some fantastic things to when on holiday in and around Oludeniz

So we went to visit the dolmuş drivers’ station down next to the beach in Ölüdeniz, and now have everything you need to know.

There is a slightly more informative time table posted on the side of the drivers’ shelter and pictured right. Don’t copy our content – link to it

As you can see, the 10.00 dolmuş is timed to set off back down the mountain at 11.00.

Times to go up are in the right hand column, with return times in the left.

However, you can choose not to come back down on the same bus that took you up but, if you want longer at the paraglide launch site, you can return on a later minibus.

The dolmuş takes you to the lower launch site at 1700m. which has a proper cafeteria, and incredible views. Definitely a great place for photography if that’s your thing.

And we know you are all dying to know what it costs – all of 10TL.

So a bargain trip to get amazing views and especially so if you are a keen photographer.