The small ski resort of Erendag near Seki, Fethiye is still open for winter sports thanks to a good covering of snow and our reporter visited the site last week to sample a bit of late winter sports.

A small ski centre is located in the mountains above the small town of Seki, Fethiye. We decided to take advantage of a wonderful sunny clear day last week to sample some late winter sports

The final road to the ski resort was clear of snow when we travelled and the journey to the lodge without any slips or slides.

We did wonder as we approached if the recent fire, in which the accommodation was damaged, would impact on our visit. We were pleased to find the resort was open and functioning as normal.

Fethiye Erendag ski centre - Things to do when on holiday in Fethiye

Ali, a member of staff, was there to greet us and kitted us out with all the equipment we needed.

We hit the slope. It’s not much of a ski run, more a beginner’s slope with a short ski lift. Still we had some fun and enjoyed the exercise even if it is always tougher than it looks.

After a while we tired and decided to swap our skis for walking boots and gaiters and went for a walk.

It was so beautiful to walk in the high mountains in the snow and admire the view.

We even spotted some wonderful and delicate flowers poking through the bare patches where the snow had melted.

Fethiye Erendag ski resort

When we returned to the centre we joined Ali for a warming tea. We asked Ali how much longer he thought the centre would stay open. He said another 2 to 3 weeks if the weather and more importantly the snow stays.

So if you are visiting Fethiye this Easter and fancy doing something a bit different why not pop up the Erendag ski resort and give skiing a try.


Seki and the resort are sign posted from the main Fethiye – Antalya highway.

Drive towards Seki. Then follow signs for the ski resort, Temel village (TEMEL KÖYÜ) and Eren Dağı Kayak Mekezi.

Travel Time from Fethiye centre around 1 hour 15 minutes.

Facts and Figures

Accommodation – 8 rooms for max of 25 persons. (although now not available due to recent fire damage).

B&B 50TL per person per night

Restaurant with the fire place.

Ski + boot hire is 50 TL per day

Lift 50TL per day

Snow chains for vehicles can be hired or purchased in Temel village if the conditions are snowy and the road has not been cleared.

Call 0532 404 1305 for information about conditions, prices and more.