Nothing is more satisfying than to walk through the woods under blue skies on a crisp, sunny winter day. Work up an appetite and, if you walk on Sunday morning, finish with one of the many Sunday lunch offers that can be found in and around Fethiye.

We joined the Ölüdeniz Hash House Harriers for their most recent walk on Sunday, 20th November.

Starting from a point on the road around the peninsula just past the Marina Vista Hotel, we followed a goat path up the hill.

As we gained height the views back across the harbour were glorious and you can see the blue sky in all the photos.

Eventually, when we reached the top, we could see the open sea stretching across to Göcek on the other side.

Turn back and we could still see the panorama of Fethiye and its harbour as shown above.

We do live in a spectacularly beautiful place and familiarity can make us blasé.

A walk like this one brings home exactly how lucky we are to live somewhere so scenic, and with a climate that enables us to walk in t-shirts and shorts in late November.

Fethiye - A glimpse of Fethiye in late November 2011

Both the Ölüdeniz Hash and the Fethiye Hash organise walks on alternate Sundays and both have websites with full information – just type the name into any search engine and you’ll find the site.

Or why not just get your walking shoes on and get out there and do your own walk.

The hills around Fethiye are criss-crossed with goat tracks and you really can’t get lost (although we are sure someone will prove us wrong).

Park your car, if you have one, at the beginning of a path through the woods and away you go.

In most cases it is possible to create a circular route back to the car but, worst case scenario, walk into the woods for half an hour then turn round and retrace your steps.