Seki, up the yayla road to Antalya, has been in the news regularly over the past couple of years due to the establishment of the nearby Erendağ Ski Centre.  Now it has also gained a huge lake.

You know where you see the sign ‘Karabel 1,300m’ and as you hit the top of the pass the valley below opens out?  Well the view has changed totally to include a large lake the making of which has swallowed loads of trees and several houses.

Indeed we think the planners had a hiccup in their sums as it also flooded the road so that has now been relaid as a short causeway that actually travels over one edge of the lake.

Whilst locals tell us the lake will be used for fishing and watersports it is also signed as a dam for the production of hydroelectricity. 

In fact it says it is ‘Esen Baraj 1’ which translates as ‘Esen Dam 1’, so maybe there will be another number ‘2’ lake somewhere nearby in the future.