Turkish cuisine is one of the most underrated on the continent. With incredible local produce, age-old family recipes and traditional food unlike any other, eating out in Fethiye will make your holiday one to remember.

Fethiye is full to the brim with restaurants, cafes and teahouses, it can be difficult to choose where to eat each evening.

Although it can be tempting to be lured in by the Maitre D’, ever present on the door of most establishments, sometimes the best eateries are those discovered on a leisurely wander.

Look out for traditional Turkish staples such as Pide, a delicious flatbread appetiser served with garlic butter and cheese, Sigara Borek a feta cheese filo pastry roll, lamb and chicken Sis Kebabs and Casseroles. Make the most of your Fethiye holiday and be brave in discovering new restaurants and dishes – you may find a new culinary love!

Take Turkish cuisine to the next level of authenticity and take an adventure on some of the many excursions on offer around Fethiye’s resorts.

Often canoeing adventures or jeep safaris will take you to homely restaurants or riverside mountain barbeques giving you a real Turkish taste on your holidays in Turkey. Maybe you will even stop off for tea and traditional pastries known as Baclava in a rural village!!

These trips are often worth experiencing for the culinary pleasure alone!

If you’re a fan of fresh fish, then a holiday in Fethiye is for you. Boat and fishing trips allow you to experience a freshly cooked catch.

Alternatively, the many trout farms located within the mountains around Fethiye supply great food with stunning views.

For a taste of home, the larger resorts of Marmaris and Gumbet offer a wide range of international cuisine, from Chinese to Indian – with even a traditional English roast in between!