The ‘Alo 179’ helpline was established in 2009 by the then Governor of Muğla, with the aim of improving quality within the tourism sector. One year on and the service has just released a summary of the complaints received.

This week ‘Alo 179’ released figures that showed they had received 750 complaints from Fethiye.

Of the 750 250 were made by phone and 500 via e-mail.

The former comprised 92 complaints about loud music, mainly relating to Ölüdeniz; 23 related to litter and rubbish; 11 complaints based on issues of security.

The remaining 111 complaints were about shopping, bad service, overpricing, the behaviour of individual Turks and other hotel guests.

Meanwhile the majority of the 500 e-mails were complaints relating to property transactions, there were 100 instances of complaints about Council services (principally related to holes in the road and rubbish), followed by a significant number of issues with loud music and noisy neighbours.

More details of the Alo 179 service and how you can contact with your complainst can be found here.