Often forgotton but definitely the coolest Lycian/Roman site to visit in the summer months and its just a short drive from Fethiye.

The village wing recently had guests from the UK including a red-haired 9-year-old who could not cope with the heat. As the child in question also has an interest in the Romans, he had to visit one of the many local Lycian sites with Roman overlays. But which one?

Think of them: Patara, Xanthos, Tlos – all wonderful but all lacking in shade and very hot in the summer. Then we remembered Cadianda, possibly the least visited Lycian/Roman site, but definitely the coolest.

You get to Cadianda from Üzümlü village – it’s clearly signed. You can drive up a very rocky dirt track to the site entrance which is over 3,000ft up, so cooler even on the hottest day.

Best of all, in the 1,500+ years since the site was abandoned, pine trees have flourished so the whole city now lies in their shade. As the site has never been excavated, the trees have not been removed.

Here you see the ticket seller and his friend who ride up the mountain daily to sell the 8TL entrance tickets – free for children under 12. From the entrance you follow a clearly defined path all around the site and should not stray from the path.

You will see evidence of digging by grave robbers and treasure hunters, big holes everywhere, so leaving the path can be dangerous.

Still there is plenty to see and lots of stuff to fire kids’ imaginations. As well as the remains of baths, temples and agora, there is a stadium which is around 100m long and provides welcome shady seating about half way around the site.

And the final place you visit before heading down the hill to the entrance is the theatre. This is tiny compared to its equivalent at other sites but it does have the most amazing retaining wall.

A stone jigsaw reminiscent of Inca construction in South America.

So if you want a cool place to visit on a hot summer day, head for Cadianda.

From Fethiye head out of town towards Uzumlu then follow the signs bearing off left off the main road in the village. Continue up the hill until you see the old mosque in the village centre. Turn left and follow the narrow road through the village and continue around 2 to 3 km until the road levels out. Opposite a cemetery turn right onto a dirt track and then follow the track as it climbs to the site at the top of the mountain – around a 10 minute drive. Note the road can be washed away in parts during the winter so be careful if visiting the site out of season.

When you return make sure you stop in the village of Uzumlu and sample a bit of Turkish village life.

{mosmap lat=’36.712300’|lon=’29.230600’|zoom=’7’|text=’Cadianda, Uzumlu. Zoom in for more detail’|tooltip=’DWO’|marker=’1’|align=’center’}