With clear skies for most of the year and a west facing coast the area around Fethiye is a spectacular spot for sunset watching.

There are some great spots to see the sun set in Fethiye and the surrounding area.

A walk down the new extended promenande in Fethiye is a nice spot to see the daily show. Join the locals as they amble, sit, chat and play on the various play parks and outside gyms. Stop and have a tea, drink or meal in one of the many cafes.

Just a short bus ride from Fethiye is the towns main beach in Calis. Take a stroll along the sea front or stop at one of the many beach side restaurants and watch the sun as it gently sets ending yet another wonderful days holiday.

If you are in the right position and at the right time of the year you may also see the northern hills of Rhodes as the sun says a final goodbye for the day.

The resort of Oludeniz, a half hour mini bus ride from Fethiye, also offers great beach side sunset viewing opportunities.

Enjoy chill out beats in one of the many cool bars and watch the ‘sunset’ paragliders touch down on the beach.

The sunset lover is spoilt for choice even if they don’t mind moving away from the sea.

As the area is surrounded by some imposing mountains it doesn’t take long to gain some height for that perfect viewing spot.

One great spot is to take a walk out to the Afkule ruins from Kaya Koy. They offer a fantastic view over the sea and the sunset from the high cliff tops. Just remember to take a torch for the dark return journey along the rough path!

Of course don’t forget that getting out to sea is also a great place to watch the sunset.

Take to a boat and you’ll have the opportunity for one of the best seats in the house with an uninterrupted view to the horizon.

Once the sun has set you can then enjoy the crystal clear night sky and all that has to offer. But more on that in another article.