Fethiye Times continue their big trip and visit a church on a site where the disciple Peter was said to have lived.

After the death of Jesus, his disciple Peter came to live and preach in Antioch, where he supposedly stayed from 29 to 40AD.

He is said to have established the first church in a cave which lies behind the facade shown above.

The dressed stone frontage was added by the Crusaders around 1100, after it was miraculously revealed to them that this was the cave where Peter had preached.

The place is now an official place of pilgrimage for Catholics and on 29th June each year Muslims and Christians gather at the cave church for ecumenical celebrations.

Inside is a large, damp cave to which has recently been added a fairly modern marble altar and an even more modern statue of St. Peter in a niche in the rock.

There are traces of mosaic on the floor and frescoes on the walls.