According to the latest UK Civil Aviation Authority report on the punctuality of airlines to its top 75 destinations, Dalaman Airport has the highest average delay.

Flight punctuality figures published by the CAA yesterday for the period April to June 2008 highlight that Dalaman Airport, Turkey is the least punctual.

Passengers travelling in that period would have found that only 72% of the 1,969 flights to and from the airport left on time (early or within 15 minutes of the planned time) with an average delay of 21 minutes.

The best performer Luxembourg achieved 94% of flights on time and an average delay of 3.6 minutes.

However, despite Dalaman ranking lowest it has improved over the same period in 2008 when only 58% of flights left on time with an average delay of 32 minutes.

Dalaman airport is now the top charter flight destination from the UK according to the CAA. The next most popular destination is Mallorca, Spain.

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Top 5 UK airlines flying to/from
Dalaman by number of flights

Top 5 Departure airports

  1. Thomas Cook Airlines Ltd
  2. Thomson Airways Ltd
  3. Onur Air
  4. Easyjet
  5. Monarch
  1. Gatwick
  2. Manchester
  3. Birmingham
  4. Glasgow
  5. Newcastle