We aren’t going to give you a detailed account of our two-hour tour of Sagalassos, because we think you should make the effort to visit and find out for yourselves.

However, we shall hopefully whet your appetite with this description of the Upper Agora which will be fully restored by the end of August this year.

The photo shows an artist’s impression of how the original Agora looked and 95% of the original stone, relief carvings and statues have been recovered and are currently being restored to their original positions.

There is also a ‘heroon’ a kind of min-temple erected by some local big wig who saw himself as a ‘hero’.

Below that lies the nymphaeum – an elaborate fountain – which includes different colours of marble columns and several statues (shown on our introduction photograph).

But before moving on we’ll tell you about two more aspects of the site that we found fascinating.

First of all the library which was unearthed because people surveying the site in the early days of excavation could hear water flowing underground, they dug down and found a library – with a stream running underneath it.

They also found a mostly intact mosaic floor in the library – they have now built a structure around the remains to preserve it.

And right you can see the stream which now emerges from beneath the library to fill stone troughs before disappearing again into the remains of the Roman piping.

The team took samples of the water and sent them to a lab in Belgium for analysis.

The results were amazing; the water was as pure as any Swiss mountain spring and the lab was astounded when they found out where it came from.

One day the archaeologists hope to find where it goes to but they tried dowsing and failed so are now waiting until it turns up again in another area of the excavation.

Where is Sagalassos?

From Fethiye drive towards Antalya.

At Korkuteli follow the signs for Bucak.

After Bucak follow the road to Burdur but turn off to for Aglasan.

Sagalsssos is signed from this town.

{mosmap lat=’37.676177’|lon=’30.521837’|zoom=’7’|text=’Sagalassos is Here. Zoom in for more detail’|tooltip=’DWO’|marker=’1’|align=’center’}