So how do we fly home with a broom?

So there we are in Sarıkamış with two sorkoylu (see picture) and in four hours’ time we’ll catch a flight to Izmir.  Needless to say the brooms don’t fit into any available bag.  Originally I had hoped our hotel would package them but they just wrapped them in newspaper with sellotape – very flimsy.  So when we stopped in Kars to visit the Kaymakam, this writer nipped to Migros and acquired a roll of black bin bags and some wide brown tape.  Whilst  the rest of the group were busy being presented with a medal and having photo ops with local big wigs, I stayed in the minibus and created a long black plastic sausage liberally wrapped in brown tape.

Again regular readers will recall the chaos at the airport when our original direct flight to Izmir turned out to have been cancelled, and we were bundled on to an Istanbul flight totally by-passing security.  The black plastic sausage went on the conveyor with all our other bags and no-one queried it.

In Istanbul it emerged intact on the baggage carousel and when we checked in for the Izmir flight I told the THY man that it contained ‘brooms for decorative use’ and he immediately labeled it ‘Fragile – Handle with Care’ and sent it off on a special handcart rather than putting it on the conveyor with all the other luggage.  Special treatment for 12YTL’s worth of goods – the other 4YTL was cost of bin bags and tape.

By the time we reached the baggage collection in Izmir Airport we were exhausted and very pleased when all our bags emerged quickly.  But no sign of the black plastic sausage.  I was mortified thinking that our sorkoylu were now holding everyone up.  Then a door opened at the end of the baggage hall and a uniformed THY operative walked in cradling the black plastic sausage with its Fragile label.  The man called out “Who does this belong to?”  I claimed it and we were away.

So if you ever find yourselves in Sarıkamış and buy a sorkoylu, you now know how to get it home.