On Friday 20th March we go to Sarıkamış by train the carriages are ultra modern, spacious and clean putting British railways to shame.

On Friday 20th March we go to Sarıkamış by train, a novelty to residents of Fethiye for whom the nearest train station is Denizli.

We buy one-way tickets, 4.50TL for the one hour journey, and are impressed by the cleanliness of the station and the modern train.
Our train is actually the Erzerum Express (although it doesn’t actually go very fast) which will then go on to Ankara arriving at 12 noon tomorrow.
Kars to Ankara including a sleeping compartment costs 70YTL for the 27-hour journey.

Inside the train is also ultra modern and puts British railways to shame – that wouldn’t take much we hear you cry.

There is a snack trolley service and an immaculate restaurant car.


Our one hour journey takes through countryside which is bleak at this time of year and, as we climb towards Sarıkamış, it starts to snow thus adding to the existing whiteness of the landscape all around.


At Sarıkamış we are met by the Belediye Bus running a special service to take us to the ski resort.

And the rest of the day will feature in our next bulletin.