The only relief from the strong summer sunshine is a bit of shade and people certainly show some ingenuity to get what little there is.

One of the regular questions we often raise is that given how strong the summer sunshine why isn’t there more planned shade?

By planned shade we mean covered walkways and planting of broad leafed trees in towns and villages to give cool relief.

This forces people to seek out what little shade there is and we often see cars parked in strange places just to catch the shade of a small tree, building or even a telegraph pole.

We’ve often seen a car parked in the middle of a field just to get some shade from the lone small tree growing there.

But when we came across this picture recently we were amazed at the lengths some people will go to.

OK, so it isn’t safe sitting under a JCB but what ingenuity.

Do you have any photos of shade opportunists?

If so send them to us at and we’ll publish them.