Take a tour of Turkey with Google Earth and see the sights from your computer.

Google Earth, the satellite database, is a great resource if you plan to visit Turkey or just want to have a look at what’s around. We at Fethiye Times have used it to check out historical sites, walking paths, roads and other features before we visit somewhere we’ve not been before so we can an idea of what a place will be like.

If you haven’t already, download Google Earth from this link here. When it’s up and running click the link on the website of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), and it will download all the world heritage sites into your Google Earth map. Now all you need to do is look on the ‘Places’ menu on the left of Google Earth and you can click on sites by country. Choose Turkey and have a look around.

The level of detail of some of the areas is excellent. If you click on Heirapolis-Pamukkale and zoom in you can see the huge site in amazing detail, including the amphitheatre and, of course, the white deposits of the stream. But just taking a look around can be interesting too. We found the historical site of Arykanda near Kumluca and it looks great. Definitely one for a future visit.

So, next time you plan a trip take a look at Google Earth first.