Yes, dear readers, we are in training for a long distance walk planned for next month and you can share in the blood, sweat and tears.

Yes, dear readers, we are in training for a long distance walk planned for next month.  The camping trip written up as our ‘adventure’ was the first training exercise, designed to test camping equipment and compatibility of team members.  After all it’s one thing to work well together in producing a website, or to share regular dinners – and quite another to sleep within feet of each other with only a flimsy tent wall as a barrier.  We shan’t dwell on the sounds emanating from the tents. 

Anyway the camping trip by car went very well, and the second training exercise took place on Friday 21st September when we loaded our rucksacks and set off up the valley in Yaniklar to camp out for a night carrying everything we needed.  We walked along the road on the northern bank of the Kargi River that flows down the valley and, as we only set out at noon and the road has few trees beside it, the walk turned into a sun-heat endurance test – which we passed with flying colours.

Observant readers who drive the Dalaman road through Yaniklar may have noticed a large sign to Yeşil Vadi on the bridge.  Yeşil Vadi is an open air restaurant with lots of cushion platforms, rushing water in the river, shady trees – a good place to hang out on a hot day.  It is 8km from the bridge so, as you can imagine, we were very happy to collapse onto a platform and order cold beers as soon as we got there, having crossed the river on Yeşil Vadi’s rickety wooden bridge.

Then it was onward along the river bank to find a camp site, and here on the south bank of the river the cyclamen were already in flower.  Shades of white through pink to almost red, cheerful little flowers urging our tired feet onwards.  And we found an idyllic camping spot right by the river where we could not only pitch the tents but also have a fire.  Dinner was served and eaten in record time and we were zipped into tents and sleeping before 9pm – walking all day with a loaded pack will do that to you.   Log on tomorrow to read about our exciting return journey by a different route that involved death defying pipe walking.